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Rihanna’s ‘Rockstar 101′: A Pop-Culture Cheat Sheet

26. května 2010 v 15:38 | riri♥ |  Rihanna Novinky
Rihanna's 'Rockstar 101′: A Pop-Culture Cheat Sheet
May 25, 2010 | Posted by Rodrigo at 9:20 pm
MTV.com: Rihanna's just-released "Rockstar 101″ video is arty and sexy and all of that, but it's perhaps most notable for the questions it poses. Like, how does one affix giant horns to their head? Is there a proper technique for smashing a guitar? Or, most importantly, since when did Slash become a total babe?
Yes, there's much to ponder in the video - so much that it requires repeated viewings to digest. And since we've spent the majority of the day doing just that, we've also noticed a lot of things in the clip that seem familiar. So, as we've done in the past for the likes of Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, we decided to give "Rockstar" the "pop-culture cheat sheet" treatment. Here's a list of all the things that flashed by our eyes, alphabetized for your perusing pleasure. Oh, and though we're thorough, we're sure there's something we missed along the way - feel free to let us know about it in the comments below.
Here's what you might have missed in Rihanna's "Rockstar 101″ video:
Barker, Travis: Tattooed beat-keeper for Blink-182 (and your favorite rapper, too). This one's actually pretty obvious, as Barker makes roughly a bajillion cameos in the "Rockstar" clip, playing drums with Rihanna's band. He actually taught RiRi how to play drums, too, and told MTV News about it back in March.
Björk: Icelandic ingenue. When she puts on her horned helmet, Rihanna reminds us of Björk (specially in this picture), who has spent more than two decades doing this sort of delightfully odd stuff. Of course, the helmet also reminds us of something that Tank Girl would wear, too. So, perhaps it's more accurate to say she was equally inspired by both.

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